Jun 6, 2013


Originally this post was going to be a bit of a rant because I was sitting here thinking about my job & began to cry. But then something else happened. I got a card in the mail today from my spiritual sister Renee Avard. The things she hand wrote in that note are vital, special and powerful. And I know she meant them and did not just write down some random words on a piece of paper w/out any intent behind them at all. So I began to think, why not turn these sad feelings into positive ones.

Who cares if some people who work in offices think incorrect things about me. They don't really know me. My family knows me. My friends know me. I know me. The Universe knows me.

Everything happens for a reason. Maybe I'm suppose to move on and its okay, and it is the right time to move on. I've been a C.N.A. for 7 years. I've learned, I've experienced, I've endured. There is now an opening for C.N.A.'s at an emergency room / clinic. And they will assist us in becoming M.A.'s if you like. Which I think that I would like to learn something new, advance in my career. But not in the direction of becoming a nurse.

I'm so tired of breaking my back lifting residents that won't help. The administration's answer to all the residents doing what she needs them to do is to 'just flirt with them'. And that is from the mouth of our D.O.N. wow! That is outside the scope of my practice for my job. If a resident can not stand they should be using a lift. But I get punched in the cheek bone for doing that & then almost fired because I had a natural reaction to scream out god dammit. hmmm... odd behavior on my part. I know... Especially since I've already been suffering with neuralgia on that whole side of my face and head for the last 5 years from shingles. My trigemenal nerve is effected.  And people just do not understand that nerve damage does not mean its broken & has less pain. It means that it is ultra sensitive and has waaaaay more pain.

What I really really want for myself - 

is to be a successful Passion Parties Independent Consultant. I haven't yet been able to be successful with it in the small community that I live in. Not to say that I won't ever be. I'm not giving up yet.

So back to the title of my post - Keep Up The Positive. Just because I feel sad for a moment. Does not mean I have to STAY in that moment. :) 

I can change it. I can use meditation, goddess prayer, rituals to bring about positive change in my own life for myself, visualization... I have many many tools of the universe at my side. 
I am a daughter of Isis. Isis taught women to weave, and other tools, to be strong, she listened to all of their prayers no matter their status in this life. To Isis we are all worthy.

 No matter who you are, where you are in your life; always go forward. Be proud of yourself. If you do not feel that way. What can you do to change it? I would luv to hear from you & meet you on your pathway. (((Blessed Be))))

I am a witch
I am at one with the Earth, the Universe, and the Divine
I walk my path in peace
free from strife and fear
I always allow love and joy to come near
So mote it be
Blessed Be )O(

I am a many faceted person. I am empathic & proud of it & embrace it & understand it. Stop by some of my other online homes to know the other dimensions of me too. I am a passion parties consultant. I do online/facebook parties too. I am looking for team members just like you all around world. I am a pixeler. Which means I create digital graphics on my computer with a graphics program. I love designing my own websites too, with wordpress.
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