May 8, 2013


Pagan Blog Project - Week 20 - Letter J

Juniper Berries are a very fragrant herb. I love their dark purple/blue/black color. Their magickal properties are many. Did you know that the ancient greeks burned juniper to prevent illnesses, even the black plague. 

When chewed the berries combat bad breath and aid to heal damaged gums. Juniper oil is used for a variety of ailments including digestive problems, kidney and bladder. Those with kidney disease should avoid it though. In aromatherapy juniper is often found in rub blends as juniper detoxifies & relaxes the body.

Juniper - Juniperus Communis
Element - Fire
Planet - Jupiter
Properties - protection, warding off evil, combating hexes, psychic powers, attract good health.

Hang juniper at your door to ward off evil people, spirits, and ill health in your home.
Wear juniper for protection agaisnt animal attacks, & accidents.

Juniper has long been burned to ward off evil. Added to any love charm, spell, incense, amulet increases the male power significantly. 

Sources: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham


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