Apr 1, 2013

WhereIsMyLife-a personal post

My life is not where I want it to be. I am not living a life I love, or even want. It's just so hard to correct it. It doesn't happen overnight, and I'm impatient. I'm a passion parties independent consultant. But thats my 2nd job. I want it to be my full time job, and leave nursing. I'm a CNA also. Thats the job that I pay my bills with. I'm not even happy with where I live anymore. No metaphysical shops of any kind to speak of. Not even in the big city. Billings, Montana is where everyone here in small town Wyoming goes to shop. And I couldn't find any there that were still open. I've been with Passion Parties a year. And not where I want to be in the company. I buy supplies for my business from craft stores for prizes and samples. It is so irritating to not be able to just go to a store locally - because one does not exist.

So now I can not get what I need magickly, or mundane. I love passion parties. I love everything about passion parties. I love my spirituality. Finding my spirituality, was finding my true path. My way in life. So why does it feel like I'm being denied both! Passion Parties & Paganism are so similar too! Both are all about positive energy, personal growth,

I live in a small town. I haven't really had a great response with passion parties where I live. They act like they don't have sex.  When I mention what I do, I get ' oh I don't need any help in that area"  - Small Town + Mormon religion= no sex? I don't believe it.  But if I move then I am looking at the same situation. No close circle of friends to support me.  If you don't have a circle of friends to support you in what you are compassionate about, you don't have a jumping board...

Keep wondering if I should move to a larger area though. Where communities are more open about sex. 

Perhaps with moving to the evening shift and getting off of night shift will help my passion parties business. I love helping people. And the parties are SO much fun. SO many laughs! I'm always on cloud 9 after a party. I don't know why everyone wouldnt want to do this for a living. We get to earn trips to exotic resorts, gifts from our corporate office. We get so much help and tips from seasoned consultants, our corporate team, tutorials, documents... I just went to annual convention in Las Vegas and O! M! G!!! SO exciting. We won HUGE prizes, got the scoop on new products, got to see the new catalogs FIRST, we got to learn more about how to enhance our business's.  And first timers get to go to special learning pods to learn how to break through our mental barriers we might have. I am a team leader. Next year hope to be executive director!!! Its a very long jump. But I want it very much.


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