Apr 6, 2012

Passion Parties!

Well, I'm almost on my way to getting started in my new career as a
passion parties independent consultant!! My demonstration kit is ordered & estimated to arrive on Monday April 9th. My business cards & promotional tools are ordered and estimated to arrive next saturday.
I got a few new clothing items today. Yup!! Pink and Purple wooohoo!!!

Buying a new printer tomorrow and the ink cartridges are cheaper for it than the one I have. Plus its a better printer. Does more I think. I will be printing out A LOT of stuff with passion parties.

I just can't emphasize enough how much help there is within this company.
There are consultants sharing their guidelines for lists, coupons, advertisements, brochures, all sorts of things.
It's just really amazing all the help and hints and tips that there is. I've never seen anything like it before. And its not competitive. It's run by women. But its not caddy. They all want the other to succeed and soar as high as they can. It's all about empowerment, feeling good about who you are, about celebrating womanhood and being yourself, and celebrating the body and feeling. Just amazing!

So, i'm going to do a little shameless plug for myself. *giggles*

My name is Julie
I am a Passion Parties Independent Consultant
I am located in Greybull, Wyoming
serving the Worland, Manderson, Basin, Greybull, Lovell, Powell, Cody areas
of Wyoming.
I also have a store that you can purchase items online if do not live near me.
If you do live near me. Book a party now! Lots of fun and laughter. Who doesnt like to have fun & laugh.

Host a party! Join as a consultant! or Place an order online with me today!

Other links associated with my business
http://facebook.com/JulieSJenks - friend me today
http://facebook.com/PassionPotion - would you consider giving my business page a LIKE. I'm currently trying to reach 30 LIKES.
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