Apr 28, 2012


What are we suppose to do when we feel defeated? I've lost my lil' buddy. My familiar if you will. Yoda was my little shadow. Followed me everywhere. Even found his way into all of my rituals. He was always in my circles. But now he's gone. Now what do i do? Everything is so lost. I have dreams and an actual plan for the 1st time in my life - at 45 years old. But it is like I'm being held back from it. My husband doesnt see the same vision I do. I'm in so so much physical pain from my CNA job at the nursing home. I want to change careers. But he wants to immediately see $$$ results. Just feels so hopeless. And then at other times I feel so powerful & determined. How do I make it come to light though. I try and nothing comes about. I fail... I know the path to happiness & success is not in nursing. 

It is with passion parties. Being an independent consultant. And with my candles, oils etc... I want to someday have an eclectic shop. Or metaphysical shop. Whatever word we attach to it. It is a shop of my own. A unique store for this area. I just want to simply call it Julie's. or Sacred Oaks Alchemy.hmm maybe even the lavender rose lol But it would be mine. And mine alone.




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