Jul 17, 2014


Old Religion

Religion, rites, ceremonies, are themselves as old as time. Even as a child I was drawn to a much older time than what I lived in. Pictures in my head of a woman sweeping her cobblestone side walk in front of her cottage. Windows made of unpainted unfinished wood. Wooden shelves with all kinds of plants, and bottles among them...

Old Religion. I feel very comfortable with those words. Lets go to church. Not so much. I've never felt like I have to be in a building following along with what someone else is telling me to do and doing the same thing that everyone else in the room is doing. That felt uncomfortable. Not real. Not natural.

Old Religion comes from many places and times in our ancient past. Whether I'm going to be referring to Celtic traditions which can then branch off into many other traditions of Faery Faith, Tuatha De Danann, Druids, Shamanism. Or if we are talking about Egyptian, Hindu, or Native American. These are all old religions. You just have to find the path that speaks to you.

I don't believe in blood offerings. And I do not believe in a single parent God or Goddess. I do not believe that we should be controlled by religious fear or that there is a dark demon waiting until we die to punish us. I believe in sacred promises, physical natural offerings such as flowers, milk, honey, seeds. I believe in many Gods and Goddesses. I believe in Karma. That the Universe gives you what you put out there. 

In most of the old religions there are rituals dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses for things that we want, don't want. Things we want to change. Crops to grow. Decisions to be made. Wars to be fought. And for peace within ourselves. I see old religion as a simpler purer time in our history. Burning incense created with some sage, frankincense, myrrh, rosemary, dragonsblood, amber, patchouli, whatever was available in their region locally. Light a candle, send your words up to the God and Goddess.

This is what attracts me to Paganism so much, is the fluidity of it all. How I feel when I light that incense I have mixed and created myself, and speak from my heart and soul. Touching and smelling elements that have been of the earth for so many thousands of years. Still being able to tap into that old ancient time...



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