I also sell a few magickal items. My Etsy . On this page you can see my creative process. Photos I take of the items I've made. I create my products according to the moon phase, with the aid of the elements, and other proper correspondences for each item I create.
My products are all infused with loving intent to aid you in your rituals and home warmth. I would love to craft in the tradition of the olde ways. But I have no one to teach me. I am not from a line or family of witches. I learn from books, and online, and my own trial and error. I have much to learn. And it is so fulfilling. It makes my heart sing!

My items currently include: incense sticks(long full length), loose natural incense (for use on self-igniting charcoal discs), herbal sachets, hand-poured candles, essential oils infused dried herbs.

I love creating chunky candles. SO much fun. So much room for creativity. I'm now a month into my candle crafting at the time of creating this page. I've learned that I do not care for working with parafin wax. And much more prefer soy wax. I've not ever worked with palm wax. I'm kind of curious about it. Because I like the feathering effect it has.

I've now come up with some little ideas. I pour my wax into an icecube tray and chop those up into smaller bits and make shavings out of them also. And store them for quick use when I'm creating. I also make up different colored heart chips and store them for quick use. Just yesterday I did something a little different with some hearts. I sprinkled silver glitter in the bottom of the mold. And then poured my was. Then sprinkled the tops of them with silver again. The wax was a maroon/burgundy color. The bottom side of the hearts are fat shaped. And the other side flat. *lol* Which I hadnt paid any attention to before. *lol*

New photos added on July 17, 2014
New photos added on April 12, 2014
New photos added on Janurary 6 2013, February 2, 2013,
New photos added on October 28, 2011

Cotton Candy Palm Wax Candle in Wine Glass

Cotton Candy Palm Wax

Mauve Medley

Faerie Confetti Cake.
Patchouli white soy wax.

Plumeria Palm Wax Candle in a wine glass

My daughter's b/day present!
I glittered a glass container I already had. Created a hand poured pink candle. Scented with
Gardenia and Warm Vanilla Sugar candle scent.

added some chunks and Ambrosia Sugared Resin from White Magick Alchemy
Added a ribbon and moon. I also created my first incense kit. I hope
she likes it. My handmade Dragon Heart loose natural incense, a cauldron for burning
incense, self igniting charcoal discs and a cinnamon stick to stir and freshen...

Aphrodite's Infusion (in the mold)

Aphrodites' Infusion $12.00 (set) + s&h $9.95
Aphrodite's Infusion is a mixture of white shoulders type (perfume)
candle scent & garden roses candle scent. With candle chunks of the same scent.
Topped with ambrosia sugar resin, purple & pink german glass glitter. Adorned with
red ribbon holding a dragonfly on 1 candle and a rose on the other candle.
Wax Type: Soy
Additives: None
These are fast burning candles. I have not added any additives to them to slow down the
burn time. They burn in about an hour. Crafted under a waxing moon, infused with intentions of
love and passion and change.

 I'm always making hearts. I like to add them to my candles. They look cute sticking out of the top. I drop them inside the candles as well to make nice chunk designs on the sides of the candles. Sometimes I add dried herbs to them. Almost always add glitter. LOVE glitter & sparkles!!

Autumn Spirit Votives
the before process

Grungy n' Inveloped Love
(a complete shot of this collection)
Available in my Etsy Shoppe

Brown Cinnamon
More brown cinnamon candles
(Inveloped Love & Grunge votives)
Again with the parfin sink holes :(
Inveloped Heart
I love hearts! I always have wax chips, shavings, cubes n' chunks
on hand. Oh yes - and heart chunks. Love how this one turned out.
Brown in color for earth, home warmth, prosperity, abundance.
Inveloped with orange hearts for mental clarity, uplifting mood, vitality.
Sprinkled with silver glitter.
Scented with cinnamon buns candle scent.

Cinnaberry Wine
cranberry colored parafin wax in a wineglass(not for sale)
Scented in my cooking process with cinnamon rolls & hollyberry
candle scent.
Topped with white parafin wax shavings, and a countryprim blend.
Can't wait to see what it smells like! But on the other hand it
makes such a pretty decoration. And the prim blend smells
without even burning it!

Recent Cranberry Cinnamon Candles
(parafin wax)

Parafin Sink Hole!My parafin wax candles are making a sink hole in the middle
of most of my candles. Don't know if its suppose to, or what causes it...

Grungy Candles *available in my shoppe*
Grungy candles are now called 'Country Prim'
This refers to the process on the outside of the candle.
They are dipped in wax, rolled in a blend of herbs & spices.
This process is done over and over as many times as you like.
Just depends on how thick you want your coating to be...
I love adding glitter to my creations!

Alluring AutumnThis candle is an actual product in my shoppe.
Makes me soooo hungry when I burn it. It smells
like warm honey and butter to me.

1st Candle PaintingTurned out looking like a cat - dont you think so?
I just made some swirlie lines and when I took my candle out of the mold.
This is what I had...
1st attempt at a chunkytop candle
heart chipsI use these to put inside of candles & sticking out
of the top of candles

SoyWax-1st PourNow the glitter is added
Soy Wax - 1st PourAs you can see on my very 1st try I had no idea how
to keep the wicks in the center.
Pouring the wax (soy)
My 1st candle pouring

Melting Soy Wax
Soy WaxAnd so the process begins! Soy wax flakes
in melting pot
My candle crafting & incense sticks


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