Jul 13, 2013


I have been debating whether to write about my situation yesterday or not. I arrived at the decision that I always feel better after writing.

There is a sick person on facebook seeking out Passion Parties consultants on the Passion Parties fb page. On the premise that he is looking for help and then sends pictures of his penis, and talks perverted. But is very apologetic about the pictures. And its not clear immediately that he is being perverted. We are in the business of helping people. And are good hearted people. And it is very offensive to be treated like we are sexual deviants or prostitutes! Just because we sell sexual products does not make us one particular kind of person. We are Diverse! We are Inspiring! We are Vibrant! We are Accomplished! We are DIVA's!

I've gone through a huge range of emotions. It is so sad and pathetic that in this day and age with all the things that there are to do online and offline in our lives that people still choose to harass people as an activity!

I don't know that much can be done from facebook. I did report him. But he doesn't contact us through facebook messenger. He texts our phones.

Never again will I be so anxious for a sale and to be successful that I will not listen to my warning bells going off. And I'm going to read a book that my sponsor suggested a long time ago for me. It's about listening to those alarms your body is sending you. This has really effected me and bothered me in a big big way. So I will probably do a banishing ritual, clearing negativity ritual of some sort.

Because if Passion Parties ended today for whatever reason I am proud of the success that I have already had  in the business! I am proud that I have not given up. I am proud that I got to go to convention my very 1st year in thanks to my parents & my sister. I'm proud of the connections I've made, the people I've met, the personal growth I've had. I'm proud of all of it. I will one day have a successful team and be a successful executive director in passion parties one day! So this situation will not destroy me. It makes me wiser. Reminds me that even though I live in a small quiet western town, there are still perverts out there that are apparently very bored and not very smart. *lol*


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