Mar 6, 2013


Pagan Blog Project: Prompt Week 10 – E

Egyptian Goddess Isis

Isis is known as an all goddess. Goddess of rebirth. She is the first daughter of God Geb and Goddess Nut. Geb God of the Earth. Nut  Goddess to the overarching sky. Isis was born between the first days of creation and was revered by her human followers from the beginning.  In ancient times she was known to listen to the prayers of all peoples. No matter their status. She spent much time among her people, unlike the other Egyptian deities. She taught women to weave baskets & cloth, make bread, grind corn. Isis taught her people skills of reading, agriculture, and was worshipped as the goddess of medicine and wisdom.

  Isis is always pictured carrying an ankh. This is how we can identify Isis from other Egyptian imagery. She is often pictured with a throne on her head as well.

Isis became known as the complete female. Goddess of all. With all of the great power that Isis possess it is no wonder that she is the one who stood out strong to me when I was lost.

I believe that Isis came to me. I did not seek her out. I was at a low time in my life, and new to the craft. I was searching for a ritual to help me decide whether to leave my husband or to stay, or what to do. I began searching the Internet. EVERYTHING came up Isis. Isis candles, prayers to Isis, Isis cleansing bath ritual, Isis... Isis... Isis... It was very overwhelming and obvious. I chose a simple bath ritual. I had all the supplies I needed (being new to the craft I didn't have many tools, herbs..)

I used a purple chime candle. The way this candle melted and formed is still very powerful. It looks like an overflowing vessel, with liquid dripping down and flowing over the top of it.
Now came the interpretation. Was Isis telling me I have had my fill. I have endured long enough, taken enough crap. That my vessel is full. That I am overflowing with sadness and despair.

For me spiritually, personally Isis is always there for me. When I do my daily devotions with Isis I feel so much energy, so revitalized afterwards. Like the whole sun is shining inside of me. I turn to her in healing, when I am under the weather. She is always there to lift me up and listen to my problems. And I am here to honor her and make her proud to be my mother, goddess of all.


Ya know I really wonder why it is that my husband can not ever be happy for me. He told me to go spend 200.00 yesterday to get some more things for convention that I need. Well I didn't stay w/in that limitation. I got what I needed though. The money was in my account. There is enough for bills. I don't ever pamper myself. So what is so terrible! Ok, I get it that $400.00 in clothes, undergarments, make up... is  A LOT. But, I don't go around doing this all the time. It's a very special occasion. Then he will probably totally flip out when he gets up today and finds out I'm not finished. I have a nail appointment today, and hair on Monday...

Is feeling pretty and good about myself a bad thing? Is spoiling myself once in a blue moon uncalled for?


My nails I got done locally at Shear Design! wooohoo!!

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